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Silver Metallic Dip Candle Set - (16pk)

Silver Metallic Dip Candle Set - (16pk)

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Elevate your celebration with the Silver Metallic Dip 16 Candle Set, where each candle glows with the beauty of silver, making every moment shimmer with splendor. With their sleek metallic finish, they bring a contemporary edge to weddings, anniversary dinners, and upscale gatherings. Elevate your decor with the subtle glow of these candles, whether adorning a dinner table, lining a pathway, or creating a centerpiece!

  • Set of 16 candles with a stylish silver metallic dip finish
  • Each candle measures 4.5 inches tall, ideal for tabletops or centerpiece arrangements
  • Includes candle holders for easy and secure placement
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