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Pink & Purple Metallic Patterned Candle Set - (16pk)

Pink & Purple Metallic Patterned Candle Set - (16pk)

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Add a touch of sophisticated charm to your festivities with our Pink & Purple Metallic Patterned 16 Candle Set. Each package includes 16 candles adorned in captivating pink and purple metallic patterns, accompanied by sleek candle holders.

  • Includes 16 candles per package, featuring a stunning mix of pink and purple hues
  • Each candle measures 4.5 inches tall, perfect for tabletop or centerpiece use
  • Intricate metallic patterns add a touch of sophistication and shimmer
  • Comes with candle holders for convenient and secure placement
  • Ideal for decorating parties, events, or everyday spaces with a delightful glow

Perfect for creating a magical ambiance at birthday parties, romantic dinners, or festive gatherings, these candles provide a warm and inviting glow that sets the perfect mood. Whether you're hosting an intimate evening under the stars, a sophisticated soiree, or a cheerful celebration, these candles make every moment more memorable.

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