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Shake Ya Palm Plates - 2 Size Options - 8 Pk.

Shake Ya Palm Plates - 2 Size Options - 8 Pk.

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Whether you're hosting a luau, a beach-themed extravaganza, or simply want to infuse your gathering with tropical bliss, our Shake Ya Palm Collection is the ultimate choice. Let the mesmerizing colors, graceful palm designs, and rose gold accents transport you to a world of carefree beach vacations. There's more! Included in package are guest napkins, These eco-friendly napkins feature the captivating palm design and provide a convenient, disposable option for your guests. With 16 napkins in each pack, your guests will have plenty of opportunities to freshen up and wipe away spills. With the Shake Ya Palm Collection, you'll be swaying to the rhythm of the tropics and basking in its irresistible charm. Get ready to embark on a journey to paradise!

> Package inscludes 8 plates

> Size: 8.25 x 8.25 inches

> Made from high quality paper

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